4 billion people share one common passion - football. This is the largest focused community globally.

mycujoo is a Global based startup with a great story and an even better mission - bringing people from all over the world together to enjoy their passion for football.

mycujoo allows you to find, contact and connect with this network from the bottom up by an allegiance with confederations and national federations which are composed of local, non-elite clubs...as well as coaches, family, friends, fans and players. 1 billion are playing at least once per week.

mycujoo is the largest and fastest growing digital network connecting this community at the non-elite levels of the game.

We allow football clubs and federations from all over the world to broadcast their games with us, live and legally. This means that the supporters who are not lucky enough to be in the stadium can still watch their club, wherever in the world they might be! We specialise in middle-tier football leagues and clubs, women’s football and futsal all over the world. Our mission is to democratize football broadcasting and support the development of the game by empowering our partners to develop and grow their businesses while engaging with their communities.

Working at mycujoo

Our philosophy is that everyone should be free to work in a way that empowers and inspires them. There is plenty of work to do and our mission is a challenging one. Creativity and freedom is not only tolerated, but encouraged! Not to mention the fact you'll have the opportunity to travel the globe thanks to worldwide business trips...

You will not be only making a difference to our business, but to millions of football fans world wide, with just a tap away.

Don't see any opening that suits you?
We're always on the lookout for passionate and talented people. Send your CV in open applications and we'll see if there's a role for you! Alternatively, check back soon - we're growing all the time!

  • Be part of a smart, driven and passionate team

  • Friday beers

  • Travel the world with business trips

  • Strong career path and skill development opportunities

  • Awesome team building events

  • We are using the best machines and technology, Mac Book lease lend

Any questions regarding our roles, culture or recruitment process?

Always happy to connect: teddy@mycujoo.tv

  • Teddy Dimitrova

    Talent Manager




Amsterdam, NL

Lisbon, PT

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